As a native New Yorker, I have had a bunch of wonderful experiences including Broadway shows, special exhibits and the Metropolitan Museum, going to Stuyvesant High School right near the world trade center, performing at Carnegie Hall, marching in parades on 5th Avenue, and swing dancing at “A Mid-Summer Night Swing” in Lincoln Center. For four years, I left the wonders of New York City to attend Cornell University in Ithaca, NY where I fell in love with waterfalls, Wegman’s, and wine. I also found my interest in child development (how cool is it to watch them discover new things?). After graduating, I spent two years teaching junior high school students at the William Spyropoulos Greek-American Day School in Flushing, New York. While there, I was the Bosley for the Angel’s on staff (ironically, the person who replaced me is Charlie!). Most recently, I spent 4 years in Philadelphia where I was a medical student at Drexel University College of Medicine. Now, I have returned to NYC and am doing my residency in pediatrics at The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore.

My Second-Year Schedule!

Block 1: Infectious Disease (CHAM-9 Cross Cover)

Block 2: CHAM-6 (Adolescent)

Block 3: NICU

Block 4: Outpatient Adolescent Medicine (ED)

Block 5a: OPD (CHAM-9 Cross Cover)

Block 5b: VACATION #1

Block 6: PICU

Block 7a: OPD (ED)

Block 7b: ED Nightfloat

Block 8: Heme-Onc Oupatient (Sick Call)/Inpatient

Block 9a: OPD (CHAM-9 Cross Cover)

Block 9b: ED Nightfloat

Block 10: Cardiology (CHAM-6 Cross Cover/ED)

Block 11a: OPD (CHAM-6 Cross Cover)

Block 11b: VACATION #2

Block 12: CHAM-8 (Infants)

Block 13b: OPD (CHAM-6 Cross Cover)